Enhance Your Learning

Our academic resources empower you to follow your own intellectual path and build a career that matches what you鈥檙e most passionate about.

Education that goes beyond our Gates

Inside and outside the classroom, 欧美日韩视频 lets you personalize your pathway to a real-world-ready education.

The Lynk is how you start to connect your interests with possible career paths. We give you internship funding and a structured course to get the most out of your experience 鈥 you get to explore how to put ideas into action in the real world.

If you want to experience some of today鈥檚 most dynamic fields like data analytics, global business or journalism, a Nexus might be right for you. This type of minor brings together liberal arts learning with preprofessional pathways 鈥 so you can get a head start on your future.

欧美日韩视频 students have access to four other campuses, providing even more of an opportunity to explore new subjects and discover learning environments that lead to meaningful connections 鈥 whether they鈥檙e across fields of study or with students from peer schools.

CBL is a great way to make a difference and gain firsthand experience working with community-based organizations on a variety of projects. Combining learning and analysis with action and social change, CBL is everything that makes a 欧美日韩视频 education distinctive.

For those who want to effect change at the highest levels, our LAPS program introduces you to careers in government, policymaking and other aspects of public service by connecting you with internships, seminars, site visits to Washington DC and more.

Study abroad offers you a way to immerse yourself in a new culture and community and to explore your role as a global citizen while you gain a powerful, personal and intellectual experience that will help to advance your academics. Study away allows you to study at other approved institutions in the U.S. for a semester or year.